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We have a large selection of great gifts, goodies ,and trinkets for friends, family and for yourself!

Why Choose Avi Supply?

We strive to bring the best customer service along with top quality goods to our customers and supporters. Simply put, we got tired of seeing so many brands being advertised selling subpar products with no customer support, long shipping times, and insane prices so we started our own business to bring what the Ecommerce industry desperately needed. Honest people with quality products for sale.

We strive for high quality products and cheap shipping worldwide!
All of our products are shipped in a timely manner with tracking numbers provided.

We have a real customer support team that responds to emails to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have as fast as possible! Please feel free to contact us regarding any issues with your order.

If any orders arrive damaged or don't show up at all, we will replace or offer a refund for any order with AVI Supply!

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Customer Testimonials

Great customer service got me a new plushie for my kid when mine arrived ripped.

Henry Mariner

I didn't get a tracking number so I emailed and got a response within 2 hours!

Cynthia Lee

I got my wife some leggings and they were surprisingly high quality which exceeded my expectations.

Zion Foresta