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Avi Supply

Avi Supply Cramp Massager

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$49.95 USD
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Soothe painful period cramps easily!

🧡Get rid of painful cramps with a soothing and warm massage 🧡

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People listed below are prohibited to use the product:
(1)People with coronary disease or heart disease;
(2)People with unhealed skin wounds or abnormal skin;
(3)During the onset of gout; or having suffered from gout and not completely recovered;
(4)Pregnant women, or cervical tumor patients.
Do not use it while sleeping.

Please avoid using it on the same skin area for too long. Pay attention to skin condition, and remove it immediately if there occurs any abnormality.
Do not use it near fire source, corrosive liquid or in other adverse environments

(Please be advised: Due to COVID-19, the holiday season,  unexpected weather conditions shipping times are slightly longer than normal, for any questions please reach out to our support team: