Avi Supply UFO Drone toy
Avi Supply UFO Drone toy
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Avi Supply UFO Drone toy

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Our viral UFO Drone toy is here! 

Pass it around with friends or play with it alone with its boomerang effect!
Perfect for outdoors AND indoors.


Features and benefits:

Limits screen time⏱

This toy keeps you active and healthy by encouraging you to go outside and play.

Perfect for destressing after online classes. Keeps you in the healthy sun and fresh air for hours at a time! 

Endless fun!

With our intricate and strong design, this toy can withstand hits and falls without getting damaged whatsoever! No need to be worried about breaking it, just relax and enjoy the fun!


Easy to learn

You can quickly play like a pro once you get your hands on this. After a few throws you can start to do tricks with it and since it has a strong design, you won't have to worry about breaking it!


All this needs is a USB charging cable to be charged. That means no more scrounging around for batteries when it dies! With ultra-fast charge and a long-lasting batter, you won't need to worry about batteries ever.



Q. How do I use this properly?

A. Make sure the toy is charged and simply toss it like a disk in front of you. When it comes back, just catch it! Yes! It is that easy!

Q. Is this safe for kids?

A. Absolutely, children can use this as a fun exercise or to tire kids out so they can sleep better at night! This toy is also very lightweight so any bumps or hits with it will not hurt at all.

Q. I have an issue/need help with my order, what do I do?

A. You can email us at and we will help you with whatever issue you have ASAP.